Summer music lessons

Probably, during the school year you have limited time for practice due to homework constraints.  By taking lessons during the summer, you give yourself the opportunity to take the time to truly absorb the material taught in the lessons.

What lessons/instruments are available during the summer?
During the summer break 2021 we will provide: piano, violin, guitar, clarinet, flute, oboe,saxophone, and vocal individual lessons.

Summer music course duration:
During the summer break

Summer music course consists of:
Individual music lessons once/twice per week by 30 ,45 or 60 minutes.
You can schedule so many lessons as you would like to with a flexible schedule depending on teachers’ availability.

Iana  (piano,music theory) – Read more about your piano teacher here
Laura (piano/flute) – Read more about your piano teacher here
Izabela  (vocal) – Read more about your vocal teacher here
Daryna  (violin) – Read more about your violin teacher here
Defrim  (clarinet/saxophone) unfortunately will be not available during  summer 2021Read more about your clarinet and saxophone teacher here
Dawid  (guitar/ukulele) – Read more about your guitar teacher here
David  (online lessons guitar/ukulele) – Read more about your guitar teacher here
Cecilia  (oboe) – Read more about your oboe teacher here


Pay-as-you-go basis
The fee payable by invoice at the end of the month.
30 minutes individual music lesson 291 NOK
45 minutes individual music lesson 423 NOK
60 minutes individual music lessons 550 NOK

Cancellation required in 48 hours.

All you have to do:
Register for a class

Call us +4746366232