Baby Singing on English

Music lessons for kids

Your child is 1,5 – 6 years old and interested in music?
With us learn music easy and fun!
Our music school is the author of the program “Baby singing” and conducts classes on our own innovative techniques.
Groups of early musical development of children are formed according to age and languages (English, Russian)
In groups up to 7 children.

Lessons are held in the form of a game, and include:
• singing
• playing children’s musical instruments
• development of musical and rhythmic hearing
• basics of playing the piano
• listening to music
• musical and aesthetic development
• play music in children’s orchestra

“Baby singing” course lasts:
First semester (August-December). Holiday on week 41,51,51
Second semester (January- June). Holiday on week 9,15
“Baby singing” course lasts by semester following our  calendar.

Schedule for “Baby singing ” groups on Russian:
Saturdays at 10.50 English group for kids from 1,5+ years old.

New students
We have ongoing enrollment through the year and you can start whenever it suits you. You don’t have to pay for the lessons you have missed, it will be deducted from the semester fee at start up.

“Baby singing ” course consists of:
Group lessons once per week by 40 minutes.

Ana – Read more about your Baby singing teacher here

Our payment structure is by semester .The semester fee will be sent to you at the beginning of semester.
The semester fee payable by invoice.
Price for semester in “Baby singing” group
45 minutes group lesson once per week 2250, -per semester (approx. 140 NOK per lesson).

All you have to do: Register for a class

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