Kindergarten piano

Piano for kids

Your child is 4 to 6 years old? Are you interested in early music education for young beginners? Is your child interested in piano lessons? Would you like your child to develop musical skills on that instrument?
Then our music school is the right place for you! Start playing the piano at this age is so much fun! Giving your child an opportunity to start playing piano from 4 years old is a smart investment in your kid’s future.
Our highly professional piano teachers based on our unique methods for toddlers will help you in all your musical endeavors.

Kindergarten piano course duration:
First semester (August-December)
Second semester (January- June)
The piano course lasts by semester following our calendar.

New students
We have ongoing enrolment throughout the year and you can start whenever it suits you. You don’t have to pay for the piano lessons you have missed, it will be deducted from the semester fee at start up.

The kindergarten piano course consists of:
Individual piano lessons once/twice per week by 30 or 45 minutes.

Iana – Read more your about teacher here
Laura- Read more your about teacher here

We have a convenient payment structure, allowing for two payments per semester; a total of four payments in a year. Our payment structure is quarterly or by semester. The semester fee will be sent to you at the beginning and/or in the middle of the semester.

The semester fee is payable by invoice.

Kindergarten piano price:

30 minutes individual piano lesson once per week 5449, -per semester (approx. 320 NOK per lesson)*.
45 minutes individual piano lesson once per week 7760, -per semester (approx. 456 NOK per lesson)*.
30 minutes individual piano lesson twice per week 10060, -per semester (approx. 295 NOK per lesson)*.

*The prices of one lesson following the semester plan payment are for reference only.

If you would like to have drop-in individual kindergarten piano lessons:
30 minutes individual lesson 460 NOK
45 minutes individual lesson 625 NOK

All you have to do:
Book a trial piano lesson here or Register for a class

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