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    We will contact you and schedule a trial lesson as soon as possible.

    Trial lesson can give you a chance to meet your tutor and get to know them and their teaching styles. At your trial session, you can discuss your learning goals and create a plan of action for future lessons.

    Please note, trial lessons in Baby Singing and Gymnastic groups are not available. You can cancel your registration in 14 days from day of registration! Please proceed registration for the class and we will contact you back if we have spots.

    Individual one-to-one classes (piano, guitar, violin, vocal, flute, oboe, ukulele) available from Monday to Saturday.

    Trial lesson for individual lessons (piano, guitar, violin, vocal, flute, oboe is 15 minutes long.The duration of the main lessons (after payment) is 30, 45 and 60 minutes.

    If you can’t attend the trial lesson, please let us know in 48 hours.

    We kindly ask you to be in advance.

    We are looking forward to meet our new students!