Gymnastics for children

Would you like your children to develop theirs flexibilities, coordination or calisthenics skills? Is it their dream to do a split or walkover? Do your children like dancing, ballet, or acrobatics?
Then we are happy to announce that we are starting a gym class for girls this autumn! We offer a basic gymnastics education program for girls from 2,5 till 6 years.
Our highly professional gymnastics pedagog based on our methods will help your child in all gymnastics endeavors.

Gymnastics course duration:
First semester (August-December)
Second semester (January- June)
Gymnastics course lasts by semester following our calendar.

Gymnastics course consists of:
Group lessons once per week by 55 minutes.

Schedule for gymnastics groups on Russian:
Saturdays at 15.00 English group for kids from 3+ years old. (Adjunkt Hauglands gate 52)
Saturdays at 16.00 Russian group for kids from 3+ years old. (Adjunkt Hauglands gate 52)

Eva – Read more about your gymnastics teacher here
Private individual gymnastics lessons are available on request. Please contact us through for more details

The semester fee is payable by invoice.
55 minutes group lesson once per week 2500, -per semester (approx. 156 NOK per lesson).
Groups are formed at the beginning of the semester, we can not guarantee free space in the middle of the semester.

All you have to do:
Register for a class

Call us +4746366232