Jonas Evenshaug Christiansen

Jonas Evenshaug Christiansen (b. 1998) is a Norwegian guitarist, born and raised in a art-enthusiastic family in Drammen.

From the age of four, Jonas began singing in a choir, and for a long time he was both singing and playing classical and rhythmic percussion before finding his main instrument in teenage years; The guitar.

During the years as a guitarist in Drammen, he performed a number of times as: – 2 years as a guitarist (2016 and 2017), and band leader of “The feast of sports” in Drammens theater. (annual event organized by the local bank “Sparebanken øst”) – 5 years as a hired band, both as guitarist and drummer, for Strømsgodset’s “Mini and Children’s gospel” in their productions on the studio scene in Drammens theater. – Played with the group “Oh JAJAM” at the event “Young Norwegian jazz” in Slemmestad (2016), directed by Røyken Jazzforum.

After a year of studying on the jazz at Toneheim Folk High School, he began his bachelors degree in Jazz-performance at the University of Stavanger – Faculty of Performing Arts, where he now studies.