Ben Tagi

Ben Tagi is a guitar and bass player, born in December 1989 in Manchester, UK.
He was raised by a family of music lovers and started to learn the guitar at the age of 9.
Ben is a self-taught guitarist. As a child, he would learn all his favorite songs by ear and play along with them over and over again until he mastered them.
He then began to write his own songs by the age of 14. By the age of 17, Ben was in an alternative rock band and was playing many gigs around the Manchester area, including support slots with some well known artists such as Dave McPherson from the band InMe and Tom Hingley from the band Inspiral Carpets.
Ben has continued to write and record music and play gigs to this day. He studied music for a short while in Berlin, Germany and now, in his spare time he likes to write and produce classical and acoustic music in his home studio. Currently Ben  is teaching guitar ,ukulele, bass and Baby Singing at International Music School of Stavanger.