Individual lessons (piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, vocal, flute, obo)

30 minutes individual lesson once per week 4800, -per semester (approx. 282 NOK per lesson*).

45 minutes individual lesson once per week 7050, -per semester (approx.415 NOK per lesson*).

30 minutes individual lesson twice per week 9300, -per semester (approx. 273 NOK per lesson*).

Kindergarten piano

Students who attend Baby Singing groups and kindergarten piano same time at our school are provided with a 15% discount for individual piano lessons!

30 minutes individual piano lesson once per week 4800-15% discount, -per semester (approx. 282 NOK-15% discount per lesson*).

45 minutes individual piano lesson once per week 7050-15% discount, -per semester (approx. 415 NOK-15% discount per lesson*).

30 minutes individual piano lesson twice per week 9300-15% discount, -per semester (approx. 273 NOK-15% discount per lesson*).

Group lessons (Baby Singing)

40 min group lesson once per week 2050-per semester (approx.130 NOK per lesson*)

*The prices of one lesson following semester plan payment are for reference only.

If you would like to have from time to time individual lessons (piano,guitar,ukulele.violin,vocal,flute,obo):
30 minutes individual lesson 395 NOK
45 minutes individual lesson 570 NOK
From time to time lessons in Baby Singing groups are not available .Please, proceed semester registration.

We follow our school calendar.


The semester fee payable by invoice.

We have a convenient payment structure, allowing for two payment per semester; a total of four payment for a year.

Our payment structure is quarterly or by semester. The semester fee will be sent to you at the beginning and/or in the middle of semester.

 The payment for individual lessons (piano, guitar, vocal, violin, flute, oboe and etc.) is made for whole or half of the semester. The payment for group lessons (Baby Singing) is made for a semester.

New students

We have ongoing enrolment through the year and you can start whenever it suits you. You don’t have to pay for the time you have missed, it will be deducted from the semester fee at start up.

All you have to do:

Book a trial piano lesson here or Register for a class